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The Social Media Audience

Categories : Social Media

The use of social media sites in the business realm is increasing at an exponential speed.

In an effort to become their own interactive marketing company, many employees are tweeting away at work, promoting their business’ latest news, services and deals, all with the hopes of catching the eye of their coveted target audience. But do your employees even know – is your target audience on these social media sites? It’s something to consider before diving head first into the deep waters of social.

Overall, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways to reach your customers. They’re guaranteed routes to connecting with consumers directly, creating brand loyalty, releasing news, and increasing your company visibility. These sites are so influential, they’ve become an integral part of what we do as an interactive marketing company.

But before you venture out into the social media world, it’s important to keep in mind not everyone uses these websites. In fact, according to a recent study by Netpop Research, it’s mostly just young people and women who utilize social media sites on a regular basis.

A whopping 82 percent of 18-34 year olds participate in social media, and women make up another huge portion of the social media-using demographic at 72 percent. And – shocker alert – the biggest group of social media users isn’t kids, teenagers or college students, like you would think; it’s women in their early 30s. Older men are least likely demographic to use the sites.

So when you opt for an interactive marketing company or just choose to start making social media marketing efforts, keep these stats in the back of your mind.

Your company may have a target audience you want to reach, but there’s a chance it’s not the same audience you’ll find on social media sites.

An important part of effective interactive marketing is to make sure you know your audience. That’s why every service we offer at Cowgirl Interactive marketing company is fueled by thorough research. We find out who your customers are, what they’re searching for, how they’re searching and what they’re looking for. Knowing your audience is just as important for social media as it is with traditional marketing. We know your audience before making any web moves – and you should, too!

Call Cowgirl Interactive marketing company to learn more about social media marketing and how it can help increase your business.

Social Media Marketing: Use an Interactive Marketing Company

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